Struggling to lose weight in certain area's of your body?

I Love Beauty offers clients treatment options that are great for weight loss for targeted body area's like the arms, chin, belly, inner and outer thighs. We use a safe injection made out of Phosphatidylcoline. This substance is safe to use and works great to target and dissolve fat.

PPC is a natural compound found in the body. When administered by injection, into a fat deposit the compound melts the wall of the fat cell, dissolving the fat and killing the fat cells in the area.

This injection is great at melting away small pockets of fat in most areas of the body.  It is a safe and fast way to boost your weight loss.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is PPC all about?

Phosphatidylcholine, also known as lecithin or PPC, is a normal compound found in our cell membranes.

All of the living tissues of the body are composed of cells. Humans have 100 trillion cells, such as red blood cells, white blood cells, skin cells, muscle cells, nerve cells and fat cells.

If cell membranes are suddenly given an extra dose of PPC, they become too fluid and fragile, and break down. So, a dose of PPC into fatty tissue will cause the fat cells to break and open and release their fat. PPC also facilitates the breaking down of the fat itself. The fat in fat cells is stored as a compound called triacylglycerol. PPC breaks down triacylglycerol. The three free fatty acids and the glycerol then get taken in the blood stream to the liver where they are converted in to bile acids and then eliminated through the alimentary tract.

How do these injections work?

The recommended course of treatment depends on your body and the reaction to the machine. Generally we suggest 4 – 6 treatments.

How do these injections work?

PPC, is an innovative, gentle and non-surgical method which removes the accumulation of stubborn fat deposits in targeted regions of the body.


While ordinary lipolysis is already a trusted and effective method of permanent fat reduction, the PPC LIPO difference is that it is combined with a cocktail of added ingredients to rapidly metabolise and disperse of targeted fat.

LIPO I, is an extremely effective method of combating cellulite and enhancing the effects of dieting and exercise. LIPO I, removes fat safely around the waist, inner thigh, abdominal area, under the upper arms, knees and double chin.

What happens during a Lipo I treatment?

Initially we’d like to see you in consultation to ensure your suitability for the treatment and to explain the treatment to you.

The most common request is for abdominal treatment, but the same principles apply to thigh, arm, hip and double chin treatments.

PPC is given by injection, using a tiny 30-gauge needle. This needle is smaller than blood-taking needles, smaller than immunisation needles. It is really tiny and you will barely feel it.

​Your first session will be for a maximum of 10 – 15 injections.

Later on the day of the treatment you will notice the treatment area start to swell a little. This is good; this tells you the treatment is working. Some pinkness and puffiness tells you the fat cells are breaking down and the body is working to whisk away the fat to the liver. We will ask you not to take any hot showers, or do any cardiovascular exercise for at least 72 hours post injection. We need the PPC to sit in the area and actively work. If you perform any exercise that makes you sweat, the PPC will move from the area.

​The day after the treatment the area will look puffy like a local allergic reaction. Again, this tells you the treatment is working. The next day will be more comfortable, and a couple more days will see all these transient effects disappear. The fat reduction will start in the second week.

The first session is necessarily a careful treatment with a low dose. Most people feel one treatment is not enough for their needs.

40% of patients notice a real change after two treatments. But the treatment then gets better.

The next treatment can involve up to 20 injections of PPC total body dose. We can spread such a dose to cover thighs and buttocks and abdomen, or we can concentrate it into an area the size of an A4 page.

After three treatments, around 70% of patients are noticing a real change.

Side effects?

Aside from the effects mentioned above, and the occasional tiny bruise, no side effects are seen. That’s because PPC is a normal physiological substance found in abundance in the body. Once it gets into the blood stream it rapidly becomes so diluted in your 5 litres of blood volume, and so mixed with your usual PPC floating in the bloodstream.

Is Lipo I, Lipolysis suitable for me?

Results vary according to the patient’s age, skin type weight and lifestyle. Some individuals see results immediately, whereas others notice a gradual change over a period of weeks or months.

The client will notice improved blood flow, an increase in circulation and a reduction of the orange peel effect associated with cellulite.

Although this is a relatively painless procedure, some patients may experience a slight burning or itching sensation. Light swelling and redness may also be present but the symptoms usually disappear after a few hours.

Is Lipo I,Lipolysis painful?

No, the injection is administered in the sub-cutaneous fat layer, via an insulin needle.

As there are few nerve fibres in the subcutaneous tissue, the injections are not painful. Patients only feel a slight initial prick and, for the first 2 hours, a slight sensation of itching and burning. Only 4% of all patients need a pain-killing tablet on the first night after treatment.

How long does a treatment take?

The initial consultation takes more or less 30 minutes, as we will do a quick medical consult and administer the first range of injections. The follow up procedures take only a few minutes, depending on the amount of injections needed.

What to expect after Lipo I Lipolysis

The first month is the hardest, the body doesn’t recognize the substance immediately, so it has to create all these pathways from scratch, but once they’re created, they’re there.

The second month of treatment is a recognition phase: The second month is crucial because the fat reserve that was injected in the first month now has the pathways created to drain effectively.

In the second month, your body recognizes the substance, leads it to the cell membrane and drains it out through the lymphatic system.

Because the pathways were created in the first month, the second month your lymphatic systems drains the excess fluid out in a week or less, depending on how blocked the lymphatic system is at that point.

We always make sure to give the client Tincture drops to increase the flow of the lymphatic system and help speed up this process. The recognition phase is the most important phase because your body has now gained the pathways and speedily flushes the system of that excess fat deposit, and here is where you have your first glimpse of what’s to come by using Lipo I.

The third month of treatment is a maintenance phase: To ensure that the body doesn’t close the pathways and store the fat back into those reserves, a third month is essential.

With the third month of treatments your body uses these pathways to cement the road taken by our PPC and cocktail to maximize effectiveness, i.e whenever the body comes into contact with these compounds again, in that specific area, it will recognize it and send it through the lymphatic system and out of the body again. After this phase is completed, a decision can be made if you’re happy with the results or if you would like to carry on with a fourth or fifth treatment, where each additional treatment yields better results.

Long term side effects?

Long-term side effects are difficult to imagine, given that the substance is a natural part of our physiologies.

How many sessions will I need?

Somewhere between 3 and 6 treatments should see you drop a dress size around the waist. Combine with healthy eating and exercise for better results.

Will the fat stay away forever?

The cells we kill are dead and gone after the treatment, but if you eat foolishly and don’t exercise you’ll put weight back on. Having said that, your shape will always be better than it would have been had you not had the treatment.