Influencer Plan

Earn money, doing what you love.

Are you an influencer with a following in the beauty industry?

Or busy studying marketing & would like to increase your experience?

You can earn an extra income, through reviewing our laser/ other services and products and introducing your audience to our brand.

Our influencer program is easy and we welcome new ideas and people, to benefit from the growth of our company.

1 Booking per month R 100 in cash 5 % of all future bookings
10 bookings per month R 1000 cash up front 5 % of all future bookings
30 Bookings per month R 3500 cash up front 5 % of all future bookings
50 bookings per month R 7500 cash up front 5% of all future bookings

Jenna visits I love Beauty & Decided she likes the service. –

Jenna makes a post about laser hair removal + including a discount code for any of her followers to use in making a booking.

20 of Jenna’s followers contact I Love Beauty, and come in for their session, using Jenna’s discount code.

All of her friends have booked a Bikini and underarm special, got discount on their treatments and for Jenna this is an investment.

For this booking, Jenna receives R 2 000 cash with the promise of commission once her clients have completed 6 sessions.

Jenna get’s great feedback from her followers and decides to make another post & joins our influencer program.

She uses her social media platform, and comes in for free treatments in order to advertise it.

Jenna get’s an average of 20 new bookings each month.

In 6 months Jenna has made a total of R 12 000 for her referrals and R 30 600 for the commission on those treatments.

= R 42600 in 6 months, all while enjoying free laser and skin treatments.

To qualify for our influencer program – Please fill out the form below.

We will provide you with all marketing material and you can start your beauty treatments as soon s your application is approved.