Ageing is a fact of life. Looking your age is not.

 Having regular facials provides many benefits to your overall skin health. Besides promoting relaxation, you will see great improvements to your skin tone, texture and overall skin rejuvenation. Using professional skincare products on your skin will provide your skin with essential nutrients.

Getting a facial frequently ensures your skin is cleansed, exfoliated and nourished deeply. The eventual outcome is hydrated, evenly toned and youthful skin. In spite of all these wonderful benefits, many people have certain questions about facials looming in their head.

With the help of our skincare experts, we are able to analyse and personalize your treatment to suit your skincare needs. If you are unsure as to what your skin needs, stop by I Love Beauty for a free skin consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions
What Is A Basic Facial All About?

A basic facial comprises of assessing the skin type and condition. After that, steam, soft brushes and hot towels are used to deep cleanse the face, neck and shoulder area. It helps to get rid of dirt from the deepest layers of the skin without irritating it. After cleaning, the skin is toned with fine toners and a facial masque is applied as per ones skin type. The last part is applying a hydrating moisturizer and recommending ways to maintain the skin.

What Should The Frequency Of Facials Be?

For those who are into a facial regimen, it is recommended to get a suitable facial every month for optimal results and a glowing complexion. For beginners, the frequency is usually higher. Newbie’s are supposed to get at least 2 facials every month initially and later every three to 6 weeks as recommended. A lot depends on the age, skin type, sun damage and general condition of the clients’ skin.

Do Facials Unclog Pores?

Facials are the best treatments to deep cleanse your skin. The essential oils used by some estheticians pull out the follicular debris with the help of a facial vacuum.

When Do Results Start Showing?

Immediately. As soon as you are done with your facial, you will be pleasantly surprised to notice smaller, almost invisible pores, an even smooth and radiant skin tone and supple hydrated younger looking skin.

Can People With Sensitive Skin Get Facials?

Of course yes! In fact they need facials the most. Debris and oils in the deepest layers of sensitive skinned people can cause havoc if not cleared out with the help of facials. People with sensitive skin report fewer breakouts after facials.

What Are The Benefits Of Facials?

Facials deep cleanse the skins pores, reduce their size, remove dead skin and reveal smoother even toned skin.

By Whom Is A Facial Done?

Facial is always done by estheticians. They are qualified to understand the requirements for every skin type.

Can Makeup Be Used After A Facial?

Yes. But with the glow and radiance after a facial, you might reconsider applying makeup. Facials leave a natural glow on the face for days at a stretch.